PhysicalBLUEPRINT is an advanced personal training company based at Chesterton Sports Centre’s gym in Cambridge, the innovative heart of East Anglia.


We specialise in working with well-motivated individuals and groups keen to enhance their current level of performance in any environment. Our training techniques are not for the faint hearted.

  • Sports Conditioning

    We can deliver specialist, sport specific training regimes for those with the desire to significantly improve their fitness and performance and gain that extra level of...

  • Running Efficiency

    Did you know that 75% of us run with an inefficient technique, we’ll help you change a habit of a lifetime and improve your running form, so that you can stay injury...

  • PB Training

    Inspired by HIIT, CrossFit, Circuits, Tabata, and Insanity, PB Training is an advanced and efficient technique that combines intensive intervals with crucial recovery...

  • Group training

    From Fitness Classes to Small Group Personal Training. Now available in different locations across Cambridge, our Group Training is high energy and the benefits are...

  • Nutrition

    In order to gain the maximum benefit from your exercise programme, a well-balanced nutritional intake is vital. We are happy to provide friendly, professional advice on...

  • Functionality

    With personal instruction on state-of-the-art equipment, such as TRX, Kettlebells and Kinesis, we will strengthen your ability to take part in hobbies and interests with...

  • Challenges

    Are you and your friends thinking of tackling a sporting challenge?  We can help you target any finishing line from the 5k Race For Life to the Tough Mudder events...


Time to change

PB Programs

With over 5 years’ experience in the fitness industry, principal trainer Matt Jenkins has recently spent more than a year developing and refining a range of extremely effective and tailor-made exercise programmes.

  • Burn

    By increasing your metabolism and decreasing your body fat percentage, our specially designed programmes are aimed at those who are struggling to achieve their desired body shape

  • Hypertrophy

    We utilise and combine muscular training techniques in the most effective way to produce great results that are not possible with only a basic understanding of ‘body building’

  • Beach

    Definition is the key to a successful pre-holiday workout plan. Our intensive body sculpting sessions are just what you need when you’re heading for sun, sea and sand

  • Strength

    The main building block to any exercise programme. We will help you create a strong physical foundation from which you can reach your goals

  • Combine

    It is possible to link more than one of these techniques together to better achieve your overall target. We will provide professional advice on the best combination for you.

  • Sport

    The extra level of physical performance provided by our sports specific regimes will give you the edge when it comes to competitive sport

…and improve your PB!



  • Casual

    • Pay as you go
    • One consultation/Session
    • Flexible
    • As often as required
    • Taster
  • Sport

    • Specialist
    • Individuals & Teams
    • Sports Specific
    • On/Off Season
    • Efficiency
  • PB Month

    • Save up to £370
    • 20 Sessions +Consultation
    • Intense Training
    • 4-6 per week
    • Educational
  • Nutrition

    • Half Price Reviews
    • Continuous Advice
    • Easy to Follow
    • 2 Consultations
    • Supermarket Shop

*Monthly packages available for 1,2 or 3 sessions per week for casual and sport. Contact us for more details.



Telephone: 07540 832640