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“Matt is an amazing Personal Trainer. He knows how to mix the right amount of kicking your butt whilst keeping the session fun. He motivates you and always uses positive language to encourage you and make you notice the progress you have made even when you do not see it yourself (we are our own worst enemies sometimes!).

When I started training with Matt, my self esteem was as low as ever, I was overweight by quite a few lbs and did not really see the point in working out as I felt there was no progress.

He gave my self esteem a huge boost and made me realise I am so much STRONGER than I ever thought! No two sessions are ever the same with him, and the fact that I never knew which exercise was coming kept my body guessing all the time, working that much harder. On top of this, he gave me extremely useful insight on what to eat, how to track the food I eat, which is just as important as working out.

I am now proudly 22 lbs (10 kg) lighter, stronger, more confident and I genuinely LIKE working out. Highly highly recommended!”

Denise De Martiis

“Matt at Physical Blueprint has been my personal trainer for more than a year and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for PT services! He has set up a training plan tailored to my goals and he has been there to support me from day one. Our training sessions are intensive and challenging but at the same time extremely fun. He has also built a fantastic community through Myzone that allows us to challenge and motivate one another. Thanks a lot Matt for your support in achieving my fitness goals!”

Tasos Deligiannis

“Matt is an awesome PT – just the right mix of supportive and kicking-your-butt encouraging!
He takes great care in preparing every session, and built me a brilliant strength program. As a result, I feel physically stronger, as well as more proud of what my body can do.

I can honestly say I enjoy every single workout with him, whether it’s a group session or a PT session – and when a workout is fun, you are that much more likely to keep doing it! :)”

Hanna Wikstrom

“I have come on in leaps and bounds – literally! Matt from PB has designed and implemented exercise and fitness routines for both me and my husband (both over 60!) and we have benefitted in so many wonderful ways, from reducing meds, having adventures with our grandchildren and doing lots of DIY together – all of which we wouldn’t have been able to do without Matt‘s thoughtful and tailor made fitness programmes and his encouragement! What a difference he has made to both our lives!”

Linde Raisbeck

“Matt has been my PT for many years now, and has been excellent at guiding me through recovery following injury and surgery. I do feel my overall fitness has improved. He is wonderfully inventive in his approach, and the sessions are always varied and fun. He has adapted well to adapting sessions to a Zoom format, so it is still possible to get a lot from each session. I would heartily recommend him.”

Cynthia Davies

“Matt at Physical Blueprint has guided my fitness journey from when I was first referred by my GP following an injury. He has provided well tailored individual programmes, good nutritional advice and excellent motivation. The inventiveness of his remote classes in the current climate is really inspiring.”

Mark Raisbeck

“Matt has been working with all ages in my family for many years and is a fantastic trainer. Particularly during lockdown, his group and individual sessions have made keeping energized so much more manageable. Highly recommend for consistent development of your personal fitness goals and a strong but very friendly approach!”

Tazie Taysom

“Matt’s online fitness classes have been an absolute lifesaver since the pandemic hit and the gyms closed back in March. The technology he uses with the Myzone heart rate monitor ensures you really push yourself in each of the classes and means Matt can pay close attention to how hard your are working and give you that extra push if needed. The classes are really varied and are at convenient times in the day to fit around your work and social commitments. There is also a great community being built which is friendly and very welcoming. Thanks Matt – keep up the good work!”

Michael Darch

“It’s safe to say that Physical Blueprint worked me hard in today’s PT session! Thank you so much for motivating me and pushing me to reach my goals ready for Miss England next week! Matt is truly amazing!”

Amy Johnson