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  • Personal

    Stay accountable for your own health targets by tracking your heart rate, calories burned and intensity in real time.
    You collect MEPs and rewards based on your personal effort during every workout, no matter your age, ability or fitness level.

  • Community

    Choose to connect with other like-minded people, share your workouts, join classes and keep each other motivated, whether it be with friends and family, your local training group and PT, or other Myzone members around the world.

  • Challenge

    Take part in friendly challenges, competing against yourself or others (including your trainer) on a level playing field to increase your ranking and reach our Hall of Fame. You’ll even have the chance to win exclusive prizes and offers along the way, motivating you to exercise more and increase those MEPs!

  • Flexible

    Your Myzone tracker works indoors (even in the pool) and outdoors which allows you to train on the go. It stores your workouts for up to 16 hours allowing you to leave your smartphone at home, or if you prefer to stay connected you can use the feedback on our app’s workout tile to follow your training live.

  • Smarter

    With the most accurate fitness tracker on the market (99.4%), socially distanced training has never been easier. Use our app to book classes, track workouts, log body metrics and keep you and your trainer connected via MZ-Remote.

  • Simple

    The device is easy to wear and the app is free & straightforward to use. Your workouts are simple to follow with colour coded effort zones giving instant feedback at a glance. Each zone awards a different number of points, so the harder you work the more points you receive.

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On May 30, 2013

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