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“Matt is an amazing Personal Trainer. He knows how to mix the right amount of kicking your butt whilst keeping the session fun. He motivates you and always uses positive language to encourage you and make you notice the progress you have made even when you do not see it yourself (we are our own worst enemies sometimes!).
When I started training with Matt, my self esteem was as low as ever, I was overweight by quite a few lbs and did not really see the point in working out as I felt there was no progress.
He gave my self esteem a huge boost and made me realise I am so much STRONGER than I ever thought! No two sessions are ever the same with him, and the fact that I never knew which exercise was coming kept my body guessing all the time, working that much harder. On top of this, he gave me extremely useful insight on what to eat, how to track the food I eat, which is just as important as working out.

I am now proudly 22 lbs (10 kg) lighter, stronger, more confident and I genuinely LIKE working out. Highly highly recommended!”

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On April 19, 2021

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