PhysicalBLUEPRINT is an advanced personal training company based in Cambridge,
the innovative heart of East Anglia.


We specialise in working with well-motivated individuals and groups keen to enhance their current level of performance in any environment. Our training techniques have been created and continuously developed by Master Trainer Matt Jenkins since 2008.

Sports Conditioning

We can deliver specialist, sport specific training regimes for those with the desire to significantly improve their fitness and performance and gain that extra level of physical advantage over their opponents.

Running Efficiency

Did you know that 75% of us run with an inefficient technique, we’ll help you change a habit of a lifetime and improve your running form, so that you can stay injury free and improve your performance at any distance.

PB Training

Inspired by a range of techniques, including HIIT, CrossFit and Circuits, PB Training is an advanced and efficient hybrid technique that combines intense work and crucial recovery periods. Using our Myzone technology we can monitor these intervals both remotely and in person with extreme accuracy. It can be tailored to help you reach your full potential and excel beyond any improvement plateau.

Online Fitness Classes

Available online from anywhere in the world*. Our classes are led by experienced instructors providing you with new workouts at every session, you’ll never do the same one twice! Powered by Myzone our group training is high energy and the benefits are obvious. With a full range of options from HIIT & Circuits to Pilates & Aerobics, it’s the most cost effective way to improve your PB! Plus if you pay monthly you’ll receive one FREE Personal Training session per month.
*outside the UK subject to disclaimer.


In order to gain the maximum benefit from your exercise programme, a well-balanced nutritional intake is vital. We are happy to provide friendly, professional advice on the best ways to accomplish this.


PB Active is a fitness inspired clothing company based in the UK. We create our simplistic designs for all those who want products with a range of sizes, styles and colours that can be worn outdoors or on the gym floor.

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Time to change


Myzone is wearable technology for however, wherever and whenever you workout. It tracks your effort while you exercise and awards MEPs (Myzone Effort Points) determined by your heart rate. Everything can be viewed on our free app, so watch your levels improve and have fun focusing on your health and wellbeing.

  • Personal

    Stay accountable for your own health targets by tracking your heart rate, calories burned and intensity in real time.
    You collect MEPs and rewards based on your personal effort during every workout, no matter your age, ability or fitness level.

  • Community

    Choose to connect with other like-minded people, share your workouts, join classes and keep each other motivated, whether it be with friends and family, your local training group and PT, or other Myzone members around the world.

  • Challenge

    Take part in friendly challenges, competing against yourself or others (including your trainer) on a level playing field to increase your ranking and reach our Hall of Fame. You’ll even have the chance to win exclusive prizes and offers along the way, motivating you to exercise more and increase those MEPs!

  • Flexible

    Your Myzone tracker works indoors (even in the pool) and outdoors which allows you to train on the go. It stores your workouts for up to 16 hours allowing you to leave your smartphone at home, or if you prefer to stay connected you can use the feedback on our app’s workout tile to follow your training live.

  • Smarter

    With the most accurate fitness tracker on the market (99.4%), socially distanced training has never been easier. Use our app to book classes, track workouts, log body metrics and keep you and your trainer connected via MZ-Remote.

  • Simple

    The device is easy to wear and the app is free & straightforward to use. Your workouts are simple to follow with colour coded effort zones giving instant feedback at a glance. Each zone awards a different number of points, so the harder you work the more points you receive.

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Myzone aims to help people feel-good about exercise through technology.

Download the app now and use facility code: PBUK001

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  • Online Classes

    • Unlimited classes
    • Join anywhere in the world
    • Block/casual payments available
    • Easy to book on our free app
    • 1 Free PT session per month**
  • PB Training

    • 1-2-1 Sessions
    • Online/In-person options
    • Block/monthly payments available
    • Educational
    • Intense Training
  • Myzone

    • Exclusive Price
    • Real time workout data
    • Earn effort points & rewards
    • Gamify your workouts
    • All in one place on our free app
  • Sport

    • Specialist Conditioning
    • Individuals & Teams
    • Sports Specific
    • On/Off Season
    • Efficient Periodisation Programmes

*Monthly/Season long periodisation packages available for Sports Conditioning. Contact us for more details.
**New customers only.

…and improve your PB!