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How To Create Your Best Possible Physique

best possible physique

How can you create your best physique possible?

Don’t worry if you’re confused about what the right ways to reach your physique goals are.

Follow these simple strategies & stick by them consistently and I promise you’ll be so shocked by the changes you can make ?

My simple strategies to help create your best possible physique:


Be flexible with your diet and don’t leave out anything you enjoy. You should aim for roughly 80% Whole foods and 20% Soul foods.

Calculate your calorie intake for the whole week, begin tracking on a Friday/Saturday, then try your best to keep to a rough daily average over the 7days.

Consume approximately 1.5g protein per kg bodyweight each day.


Lift weights. Choose 5-6 exercises that work for your body/goals each session, perfect your form and then progressively overload them.

Train hard for 45-90mins – 3-5x week and follow a training plan that has structure, don’t just wing it on the day.

View each exercise as a skill. Aim for great form in every rep, do not try and kill yourself in every workout.

Don’t restrict yourself to specific number of reps, aim to finish your set 2 reps before failure. This maybe more or less than you expect but it’s the right amount to challenge your body.


Focus on getting a good nights sleep; 7-9hrs per night, it’s especially important on workout days.

Manage stress in all areas of your life, not just through the use of exercise.

Prioritise rest and recovery by listening to your body if and when it needs it.

…and finally…

Remain consistent by setting realistic, manageable and sustainable workout schedules and nutrition protocols.

I hope you found this blog useful and my strategies will continue to benefit you throughout your journey. However, if you need further help with this or want to discuss anything above in more detail, get in touch with me today to find out how I can help you.