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Celebrating 10 Years of Physical Blueprint

10 years of physical blueprint

Little did I know when I launched Physical Blueprint (PB) back in December 2013, I would be sat here writing this blog 10 years later celebrating my company’s achievements. 

So much has happened over the last decade it’s hard to put into words. I have tried to pick out my biggest highlights and give you an insight into what Physical Blueprint is all about. 

Below you can read a brief summary of each accomplishment and how they’ve helped shaped my career since the foundation of PB. 

10 Years of Physical Blueprint, my Career Highlights:

  • Leading the Tournament Warm Up for 100+ Netballers

Back in 2015, I was invited to coach the Cherries and Jets netball teams. I took them through a Sports Conditioning programme to help them improve physically during the season and off-season. Following the success of our training sessions, I was then invited to their annual netball tournament to lead the warm up routine for every club competing. 

  • Spending time with my clients 

Nothing has been more special than the time I have spent getting to know all of my wonderful clients. It’s been a pleasure to help every single person and get to know them on a personal level. Whether it’s been over a coffee or at one of our christmas parties, I have been so privileged to spend time with so many amazing people and it’s helped me learn how to become a better coach. 

  • Project lead on the full refurb of Chesterton Sports Centre

In 2017, I was working at Chesterton Sports Centre and they ask me to lead the redevelopment of their fitness suite. This included everything from putting it out to tender, gym design and equipment selection. We successfully opened the new facility in January 2018 with state of the art Technogym and Escape Fitness equipment. 

  • Interview at BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Whilst at Chesterton, I was also invited to attend a radio show. They asked for my advice on the best ways to get started on your fitness journey, how to tackle the christmas period and what to expect in the January gym rush. 

In 2018, I spent an incredible week working with and learning from some of the best trainers in Europe. We were taken through the ins and outs of what it took to become a Master Trainer. From learning their in depth programmes to the functional and dynamic use of their amazing training tools.

  • Coaching my first fitness course to other PT’s and instructors

The Escape Fitness qualification, along with my certificate in Education and Training, has allowed me to coach other up and coming trainers across the world. Woolston Snap Fitness was where my first course took place, leading coaches who worked there and another facility in Salisbury. It was a daunting experience but one that helped me grow in confidence as a tutor and master trainer.

  • Travelling to Kuwait to coach a week long fitness course

Following many successful courses around the UK, I was asked to coach a week long course in Kuwait for a brand new gym opening in May 2019 called Miss Platinum. I took 27 instructors from across the globe through a range of training days. This including olympic lifting, boxing, military style bootcamps and functional circuit training. It was an incredible experience and one that I will never forget. It showed me what I am truly capable of as a Master Trainer. 

  • Becoming fully self-employed and opening the PB gym during the pandemic

In 2020, the pandemic forced us all to make changes to our lives and businesses. In August of that year I took the decision to leave Chesterton Sports Centre and go fully self employed. Although online training was going well, it was time for me to take a big leap and invest in the PB gym. I wanted it to be ready for when people were comfortable enough to go back to face to face coaching. It has been by far the best decision I have ever made in business. It’s given me the freedom to take PB wherever I want to go! 

  • Helping Amy recover from a horrific car accident

One of my proudest moments as a personal trainer was working with Amy, a lady in her 20’s who survived the most horrible car crash. It was privilege to watch her grow in confidence and trust her body again to do simple tasks. We started with simple isolated movements and worked all the way up to advanced core movements and compound lifts. I have never seen someone change so much in all my years of coaching. I am so proud of what she was able to achieve. 

  • Launching and co-creating the new Small Group Training space at Amor Training

Earlier this year the Small Group Training (SGT) space at Amor Training was born. Our SGT facility is another one of my proudest moments. Having a space I can call my own to coach so many amazing people on their fitness journeys. We host 33 classes per week including cardio, lifting and HIIT style sessions. 

Here’s to another decade of achievements and celebrating 10 more years of Physical Blueprint!
celebrating 10 years

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