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Myzone care tips

Sweat is a badge of honour after you’ve put in the effort during your training, but we all wash it off after a workout right?

It’s the same for your Myzone chest strap, if you want to get the most out of your belt a little TLC is key to ensure it’s longevity.

There’s nothing more frustrating than working out with a heart rate monitor that isn’t rewarded you properly for your effort. This is likely to be due to the sweat and a build up overtime can interfere with the sensors. Leave it long enough and it can actually start to erode the strap.

So, how can you keep your belt clean and free from sweat?

Here’s some top tips from Myzone to help take care of your heart rate monitor

Here’s how to keep your Myzone heart rate monitor strap clean and accurately recording your hard-earned MEPs:

  1. To get the most out of your Myzone, make sure you rinse your chest strap after each workout to remove sweat and salt from the studs and black sensor strips. We also recommend wiping down your Myzone module around the snaps to clear away salt and residue. A clean, damp swab or cloth will do the trick, but avoid chemicals such as alcohol or other solvents.
  2. Your chest strap will need a deeper clean after five workouts. It couldn’t be easier. Just pop it in the washing machine. There’s no need to pre-soak it (in fact, don’t as this may damage the strap). All you have to do is remove the module, use a gentle detergent (avoid harsh chemicals and detergents like color fasteners, bleach and fabric softeners) and machine wash your strap on the gentle cycle at +40°C/104°F. We recommend reducing the spin cycle and using a laundry pouch to prevent your Myzone strap from getting tangled.
  3. When it comes to drying your chest strap, you can hang it up or lay it out on a flat surface to dry. Don’t use a tumble dryer as this can damage the strap. Try not to overstretch your strap when it’s wet or wring it out, and please don’t iron it or press it with heat – they don’t like that at all.
  4. Bag yourself a couple of spare straps to make sure that, while your strap is in the laundry, you’ve got a fresh strap in your gym bag or stored with the rest of your workout gear so that every session counts.
  5. By following these simple cleaning recommendations and rotating your straps you can prolong the life of your Myzone device. Doing these small things will help keep your device in prime condition so both you and your Myzone can achieve peak performance.
  6. However, sooner or later, just like the rest of your workout gear, your chest strap will need replacing. Generally speaking, you will need to replace your chest strap after 9-12 months of use. This is just a guide and depends on how often you wear your chest strap, how hard you train and whether you regularly swap it with spares.
If you’re already taking good care of your Myzone belt but still having trouble with recording your workouts consider these tips

Have you warmed up sufficiently?

If your cardiovascular fitness is above average you may need to warm up for longer than you think. This will ensure you have begun to perspire before beginning the main section of your training session.

Is your belt tight enough and high enough?

If your belt is loose or too low it may struggle to pick up the electrical signals produced by your heart each time it beats.

Have you tried using ultrasound gel?

Ultrasound gel can increase the sensitivity of the sensors, and improve the connection to pick up the signals from your heart. 

Are you using an arm or wrist strap, where a chest strap is recommended?

Did you know that simple movements such as flexing the wrist during weight lifting, exercises like push ups or racket sports can restrict blood flow and make it harder for the arm/wrist straps to measure accurately. This is why they are only recommended for exercises such as walking, running, aerobics, swimming etc.

Did you open the app and sync your myzone?

It’s easily done, maybe you’re in a rush to head out for that run, or late joining your mates for a kick around and you forget to open the myzone app before switching your belt off. Don’t worry, your workout data will be stored safely on the module, but won’t upload until it’s switched on again and synced with the app.

Do you have signal?

Bluetooth and WiFi or phone data are all needed in order for your workout to upload and for your app to display your live tile. Again do not worry if you run through black spot, your module will upload the next time it has a strong enough signal to connect with.