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A Dream Becomes A Reality

a dream became a reality

Ever since I qualified as a PT, I’ve always dreamt of having my own fitness space and two weeks ago that dream became a reality ?

Working alongside my good friend Tom, the owner of the Amor Training Gym. I’m very excited to announce to you all that I’ve become Co-Creator of the Amor Small Group Training (SGT) facility. We’re based in Hardwick, Cambridge. 

Together we have a created what we believe will be the best group training space in Cambridge. We’ve poured blood and sweat (fortunately no tears) into bringing you this amazing facility!

I can’t thank you all enough for the support you’ve shown me over the past years. You have all helped me to reach this milestone in my journey as a trainer and in return I hope that I will be able to continue to support you for many more years to come.

Our SGT space is a fantastic, purpose built 1000 sqft training area. 

Where we’ll be hosting 33 classes per week with seven unique styles which include weightlifting and partner based sessions.

We’ve kitted it all out with brand new equipment from Escape Fitness, Concept2 and Bulldog. Ensuring you’ll have the best tools to help you achieve your goals. Not only that, we’ve got Myzone technology built into every class to make sure you’re always working out at the appropriate intensity. 

We’ll be introducing a new theme every 8 weeks for each class. This means you’ll have a key focus to work on and improve throughout the duration of our sessions. Each class style will be programmed in a way that can be tailored to each participant, so all of our training sessions can cater to your specific needs.

small group training

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy or give you the extra motivation, accountability and guidance you need, we’re offering you all a 7 day free trial to come and test them out. Claim your free 7 day trial here and join me where my dream became a reality!