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Your health is an investment

health wellness investment

I was having various chats with my clients today. During 3 of my sessions, for different reasons, we ended up speaking about our investment in our health.

?The first, was discussing how to stay accountable during the festive period and whether doing something was better than nothing. (The answer is of course YES!)

?The second, was over the variety of colds and illnesses being spread around right now, and how we could be better off with the promotion of health and fitness to improve our immune systems in general.

?The third time was when we were speaking about injury prevention, rehabilitation, and the benefits of structured resistance training.

Which got me thinking, how could I summarise these conversations to get a simple message – ‘Your health is an investment’ – across to all of you?

If you take the time to invest in your health and wellness, the return you get on your investment could be priceless.

Have you ever considered the time, effort and money you spend on other aspects of your life?
Now think about what dedicating the same amount to your fitness and wellbeing could mean for you.

Whether it takes one in-depth chat or multiple training sessions each month to keep you accountable and on-track, isn’t that worth doing rather than trying to go it alone.

Think what it could mean to you in the long run if you invested in your health, just as you would in your property, cars, business etc.

As trainers we’re here to help YOU. Each session will be personal to YOU. Everything we offer should be tailor-made and specific to YOU.

Your exercise and nutrition shouldn’t be an expense. You only have one body/life, invest in it wisely.


Don’t think of your training programme as being rigid. Your lifestyle constantly changes for one reason or another, and so your exercise and eating routines will change too. This will all contribute to finding that perfect but ever changing balance in your health and wellbeing.

Listen to all of your needs and look at what adjustments need to be made. Week to week and month to month, you can prioritise your overall health in different ways. Some months you may be able to invest more in your fitness regime. Other months you may invest more into your mental health.

Consistency is a wonderful word that gets thrown around and something people always strive to achieve. However, in order to progress and improve sometimes it’s more important to work with, not against, the inconsistency life throws at you.

health investment

I hope you found this blog useful and now look at the way you can invest in yourself differently. However, if you need further help with this or want to discuss anything above in more detail, get in touch with me today to find out how I can help you.